An outstanding master of Japanese cuisine

Has 30 years’ experience of ambassadorship of Japanese culinary traditions all over the world, having opened restaurants in the USA, Europe, Mexico and Japan till the moment.

“My main principle at work – is perfect quality and freshness of the ingredients which I use for preparing my dishes. I invite you to both enjoy the taste of genuine Japanese cuisine and become familiar with the rich Japanese culture in our restaurant.”

Fujiwara Yoshihiro author-signature


The capital of the Kyushu island and “culinary mecca of Japan”. Future chef was born and raised in the area of Shikanoshima in the family of fish market owner, who was supplying the best hotels and restaurants in the city with fish and seafood.


At the age of 20 years old he first arrived to the USA with his teacher on the invitation from the large company to open the Japanese restaurant in New-York. Later were Boston, New Jersey, Miami, San-Fransisco, Mexico, Los Angeles and Chicago.


Being already a famous chef he received an invitation to help the restaurant in Nice, as Chef thought. But the restaurant appeared to be in the capital of Ukraine, far from the Cote d’Azur.


Starting his own restaurant “Fujiwara Yoshi” in Cherkasy that has already become his hometown, where Yoshi-san’s wife, student and business partner Oksana is from.


Opening two restaurants of Author’s Japanese cuisine in the capital of Ukraine, providing the opportunity for Kyivans to value the traditions of Japan.


Receiving the Status of Goodwill Ambassador of Japan for the development of Japanese cuisine in the world.