For the first time for Ukrainians

Once we made a decision to introduce the real high quality tuna to the Ukrainians. It was the first experience in Ukraine. But we were persistent in our aspiration.

Exclusively for Fujiwara YOSHI

Tuna is caught on our special order in different parts of the world. The most delicious kinds of chilled wild-caught and farm-raised tuna: Bluefin, Yellowfin and Bigeye are regularly delivered to the restaurant by plane.

Tuna cutting techniques

Yoshi-san personally cuts the fish weighing from 50 to 150 kg on the “go-mai oroshi” method, which requires from the master using special skills and following strict technologies. Our guests have the opportunity to observe the master dividing tuna and taste the courses at once by choosing from the specially crafted Tuna menu.



We are the experts in Tuna cutting and preparation. The team at the Fujiwara Yoshi restaurant headed by the chef Fujiwara Yoshihiro offers you the opportunity to spice your special occasion with the impressive culinary show to ensure your guests that your celebration is one to remember.

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