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Atmosphere of Fujiwara YOSHI

1000 square meters in the center of Novopechersky Lipki, a conceptual design, an aquarium with live seafood, an exclusive wine list, a Japanese barbecue grill and a contact sushi bar, a separate VIP room and tarami-rooms, a hall for banquets and negotiations, a terrace with an internal garden and children's room.


The contemporary Ukrainian design and architecture lab Sergey Mahno Architects designed the space of one of the biggest Japanese restaurants in Europe Fujiwara Yoshi. Natural wood and stone, unique decor objects and art works by masters from Japan — all these design elements create a holistic concept.

Wine list

Concept wine list consists of 150 items from all over the world, which are perfectly combined with the author's cuisine of chief and owner Yoshihiro Fujiwara. One of the aims of the restaurant is to develop an enogastronomy in Ukraine, so at your service there is the best sommelier of Ukraine 2016 Viacheslav Nazarchuk, a selection of wines by nature elements and exclusives presented only in Fujiwara Yoshi.

Live seafood aquarium

At the enterance you will be greeted by a two-level four-meter aquarium showcase with live seafood, delivered to Ukraine exclusively for the Fujiwara Yoshi restaurant. You can always choose from which foods to prepare a dish, and be sure of its freshness and quality.


On the Japanese grill robata we cook meat, fish, seafood, vegetables. A robata bar in the center of the restaurant is a place for guests who like to look at the fire and watch the work of the cook. On the perimeter of the grill is a solid wood table top, behind which it is nice to sit waiting for a dish made in front of the guests.

Japanese garden

A place where you feel as in nature. It seems that the restaurant was built around a small but atmospheric garden with native plants from Japan, somewhere resembling a famous bamboo grove, and somewhere a traditional Japanese garden. It was created for rest and renewal of strength — here you will feel calm and peace.

Play area for children

You can always come to the restaurant with the whole family. When you have rest, your child can draw, sing, have fun and play with other children under the watchful eye of a professional nanny. You can be sure that your children are safe, discover the world and make new friends.


5 traditional Japanese dining tatami-rooms with authentic furniture, serving and Japanese art, before entering which it's necessary to take of the shoes. They are separated by screens that create an atmosphere of privacy. It is comfortable to spend a romantic, family, friendly or business meeting.

VIP rooms

Hall, in which you can stay unnoticed for other guests. This space-transformer is ideal for both business meetings and negotiations, as well as for banquets and special events.


It’s so interesting to observe the open kitchen and variety of fish and seafood while sitting at the sushi-bar.


Gastronomical evenings TUNA DAY with special menu.

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Solomenskaya St., 15A Kyiv
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