Live Food Bar

Special aquarium system in the Fujiwara YOSHI restaurant offers an opportunity to choose the live crabs, lobsters, crayfish and oysters the ones that you like and our guests can be fully confident in the freshness and quality of such products.

Where the products are imported from



For long time Yoshihiro Fujiwara has been accumulating his experience as a chef by working in the restaurants specialized on various styles of Japanese cuisine. Chef’s relevant knowledge, constant control of freshness of the ingredients and following the traditional techniques in cooking Japanese dishes – is a pledge of the excellent quality cuisine in restaurant Yoshi Fujiwara.

Yoshi-san’s own techniques only

Chef Yoshi-san, guiding the work at Fujiwara Yoshi, daily passes his knowledge and years of professional experience to his team, introduces the philosophy of authentic Japanese hospitality spirit and service “Omotenashi”.

  • Respect for the guest
  • Respect for the product
  • Respect fortheworkplace
  • Respect for what you’re doing